About Me

Publishing experience with a Legal background

Janey Burton has worked in the publishing industry in London since 2006, having previously used her Law degree as a teacher of Criminal Law, and by writing for Sweet & Maxwell’s publication Current Law. She has worked at literary agencies and publishing companies including Watson, Little Literary Agency and Penguin Books.

Her publishing industry experience includes work in Editorial, Digital publishing, Marketing and Contracts.

Book Proposals

“Highly intelligent” – Jen Christie, Literary Agent, Graham Maw Christie

At the Graham Maw Christie agency, her work for the agents focused on book proposals, including researching the potential market and competition. At Watson, Little she assisted the MD, Mandy Little, over a wide area of work; drafting proposal letters and checking contracts and royalty statements, as well as benefiting from Mandy’s mentorship. At Cyan Books her role covered a variety of aspects of the publishing process, including Editorial, Sales & Marketing, Rights sales, Special Sales, and Permissions.

“I shouldn’t hesitate to employ her again.” – Mandy Little, Chairman, Watson, Little Ltd

eBooks and Digital Publishing

In 2007 she single-handedly managed a digital licensing project for Cyan Books (since acquired by Marshall Cavendish), before moving to Penguin in 2008 to work on clearing eBook and Digital Licensing Rights for Penguin, DK and Rough Guide titles. Later negotiations included ebook enhancements and apps, and Janey became knowledgeable about all aspects of the emerging digital publishing climate including pricing, DRM, copyright infringement, ebook royalties and so on. The wide-ranging experience gathered on these projects form the basis of her familiarity with digital publishing, and she continues to keep herself well-informed (and well-opinionated) as to the current thinking in ebook publishing.

Well-informed. And, well, Opinionated!

She now offers publishing services and advice including:

Editorial – Substantive and line-editing (including whether and how strong a market exists for the proposed book).

The Market – Readership: who, how many, and where do you find them? The Author ‘Platform’. Competing Books. Social media, and ‘hand-selling’ a book by engaging with an audience. In self-publishing, which service(s) are needed, how to make it easy for a reader to buy the book, and what price(s) should be set?

Contracts – Janey will check your contract and suggest the appropriate re-drafts. She will manage your negotiation directly and secure the important changes to a basic contract that you need. NEVER just sign the contract you are given.

Contact Janey now to send a sample of your work and discuss the services you require.