For Authors

Services For Authors

Consultation: £150 (approx. 4 business hours)
For example, I can provide advice on which agents or publishers to approach, and suggest a polish to individual pitches to those agents / publishers.

Or, I can provide an independent opinion on a pitch and sample chapters, and an assessment of the strength of the potential market for the proposed book.

Please send the first 50 pages, or 3 chapters, and please include other relevant materials such as an author bio/CV and a covering letter telling me about any and all specific questions and areas of concern. Reading materials does not form part of the Consultation (ie. I do not charge Reading Fees).

If there are many questions or a lot of research will be needed, the Consultation fee may not cover all that is needed, and fees for additional hours may be required. Janey will endeavour to explain, before beginning work, whether all requirements can be met under a single Consultation fee.

Editing: Sample edit: FREE – send a Synopsis and the first 10 pages, requesting a Sample Edit.

Substantive and line editing (What Does That Mean, Exactly?) : £31.30 per hour.

Proofreading: £23.35 per hour

These rates are in line with the SFeP’s Suggested Minimum Rates 

A Quote for editing the whole book can be provided based only on a Sample Edit, but please remember it is, by necessity, a guesstimate. Final billable hours may therefore be more or fewer than the Quote.

The Market: Re-Tweets, Facebook shares etc. are FREE for clients. If you have an entry on my Client page, it will include: a link to your website / the Publisher’s website; a link to at least one of your Social Media accounts (usually Twitter); a jpeg of your book cover which links to the Book’s Buy Page (whether Amazon, Smashwords, Other) – all of this is FREE.  A reciprocal link on your website to mine, and/or a Tweet or Facebook post about me (including my website address) would be greatly appreciated, and while not mandatory, it’s great Karma! 

Janey does not design or undertake Marketing Campaigns for Authors (though she can recommend people and resources in this area), and she is not a Publicist (though she can recommend several). Much of her advice regarding The Market forms part of her Consultations, or Editorial work.

However, if a detailed proposal is required and Janey is required to write some/all of it, or thoroughly research the competition in a crowded market, or similar, the Author and Janey will discuss what assistance is needed and wanted, and this type of work will be invoiced under The Market, at £35 per hour.

Contracts: £55 per hour: to include checking, suggested re-drafts, and negotiation with the Publisher – either on the Author’s behalf as a representative, or via advice on what the Author should ask for.

Consulting services on retainer: Price on application. Existing clients may wish to keep Janey on retainer during and following the publishing process to answer questions, offer independent advice, and help to steer.

Terms and Conditions
A deposit of up to 50% of the estimated balance will be required before chargeable work begins.

Invoices will be produced at the end of a project or end of the month as applicable. Payment terms are by return and in any event no later than 14 days from delivery. Payment may be made using Paypal or bank transfer.

Please be sensitive to Janey’s status as a freelancer and refrain from unnecessarily delaying payment.